Great for teaching the kids how to cast, and my youngest had a BLAST with the "sponge fish" they caught (the 'bait' that turns into fish). Used this rod with some small hooks and grub, and even my 2 year old caught her own Roach fish on the stock line. Well worth the purchase for little ones, but don't expect to catch anything medium or larger on this.
We recommend using an 8-wt or 9-wt. 9' rod with both floating WF and WF rapid sink tip lines with 20 - 30 lb. test backing (the same outfit may be used for Trout and Northern). Use a 14 - 18 lb. test tapered leader/tippet, and wire leaders are essential. With floating lines you may wish to use a fly line one size up from the rod weight-an 8-wt. rod uses a 9-wt. line.

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